American Furniture

By American Furniture, we generally mean US furniture. As all the imported furniture, American furniture plays an important role in the furniture-retail industry of the UAE, which is always keen to get the best known and most respected brands internationally, which are significant in quality. Let us see some of the best-known American furniture brands and their exact place to find in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

First, let us say that most of the notable furniture stores that are enlisted and can be quite easily reached within the UAE, can be found in either Dubai or Sharjah, which is really becoming the second most important shopping capital of the UAE. This way, we will not be able to talk that much about the stores in Abu Dhabi, as there are not many by this time, with the sole exception of the largest IKEA in the Middle East that has just opened this year and attracts a huge number of visitors. Yet, we are here to advice you on the American brands this time. Let us see some of the most known American furniture brands on the American market today that we can find in the UAE:

Ashley Furniture
Ashley is one of the most known American furniture brands in the industry, while unfortunately its name often gets mixed up with the one of Laura Ashley, a designer which has also furniture and home d├ęcor stores both in the US and in the UAE as well. Ashley furniture is based in Wisconsin and it deals with all sorts of furniture, typically hardwood ones, which can decorate a home of any style. Yet the specialty of Ashley lies in the antique, colonial and cottage looks. Ashley deals with preferably dark wooden furniture yet we cannot really generalise as they have several collections, which are not at all dark. The Ashley range is counts as budget furniture, yet it also has its exclusive line the price of which start about USD 4000. The look Ashley delivers is a more of a traditional look and its wooden furniture are reliable no matter under whatever climate you live. One retailer in the UAE called Atrium Furniture currently sells Ashley Furniture and it is located in Dubai in the Karama district on Umm Hurair road.

Lane also represents a more traditional wooden outlook with preferably darker materials. As it seems in the US, the market is concentrated on the traditional outlooks and most importantly, these hardwood furniture made out of cedar at Lane is resistant. Lane similarly to Ashley deal with all sorts of furniture with the exception of kitchen and bathrooms. The owner of Lane Furniture, Furniture Brands International also deals with Broyhill, Thomasville and Drexel Heritage American furniture brands. You can find the furniture of Lane also in the Atrium Furniture on Umm Hurair Road.

Pulaski is an American furniture line also representing a more traditional outlook in its furniture. Pulaski deals with all sorts of furniture including children and youth furniture. Its curio cabinets are market leading. Its new collection Tangerine aims the modern expectations and a more IKEA style clean and fresh outlook. Find Pulaski in the UAE and in the Atrium Furniture store on Umm Hurair Road in Karama.

Crate and Barrel
This is one of the best-known American furniture brands famous for its exclusive and dead expensive furniture. The designs of Crate and Barrell are various though, be it traditional or contemporary furniture designs. Crate and Barrel is quite popular in Dubai and you can find its stores in both the Mirdiff City Centre and in the Mall of the Emirates as well. Crate and Barrel deal with kitchenware and home accessories.

Ethan Allen
This American furniture brand represents a new and modern exclusive line having shops all over the world. Ethan Allen today is famous for its unique forms and patterns and for giving you the chance to design yourself as well! Find the store of Ethan Allen in Dubai in the Dubai Mall.

These are some of the options for you when you are to find American furniture in the UAE. As you see, the base is Dubai in this case, yet Abu Dhabi is not far from either Dubai or Sharjah and you can get your furniture transported for you also to Abu Dhabi if necessary. Check out these brands for getting to know some novelty.