Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture originated from South East Asia where people wanted to make such specific furniture which is cheap to do, which is a lot more resistant, much lighter and last but not least a lot more comfortable than other furniture, than the average furniture and its perfect both to be inside or outdoor furniture. Rattan furniture has become extremely popular all over the world in the last ten years.

Rattan furniture is special or so-called exotic furniture that thanks to its lightweight, reliability and looks has quickly become the new line in the international furniture manufacturing industry. Though rattan has several contacts with the wicker furniture used in Europe and America since the 1800's, the rattan furniture culture was delivered to us from Malaysia. Rattan means Palm tree in Malay in reference of the exact material of rattan furniture. Yet Rattan palms are closer to Bamboo in style therefore many people think Rattan furniture is made of bamboos. Most Rattan furniture comes from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Rattan and wicker furniture has much in common. Rattan furniture is great and really super resistant. The material takes in lacquer and so you can paint it any colour. Rattan furniture is highly preferred as Café furniture and it makes excellent garden furniture too. In Dubai, rattan is highly used for outdoor furniture. Rattan and wicker furniture though is not used only for outdoors and it represents a high value when it is done in more complicated ways, which makes it even more resistant and beautiful to the eye. There is also partly rattan chairs widely used and sold all over Dubai, not to mention the newest craze the metal rattan. Let us see where we can get rattan furniture in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi.

First, we can look up the Indonesian, Malay, Indian and Singaporean stores such as: Exotic Grove Furniture: It is Vietnamese store selling rosewood and rattan furniture in various forms. It is unbelievable how many styles can be created with rattan. The Store is located in the Furniture district of Dubai at Al Quoz, nearby Sheikh Zayed Road.

Iwannagohome!: This funnily named store is from Singapore, selling authentic South East Asian furniture in the Dubai Mall, so don't expect low prices here.

Marina Exotic Furniture: The Marina Exotic furniture is a quite popular furniture range also in Dubai Festival City, Mall of the Emirates and Souk Madinat Jumeirah OK Furniture Dubai in the Al Quoz district: rattan chairs, partly rattan wooden chairs and metal rattan chairs and armchairs too.

Other than these, dozens of furniture stores deal with rattan furniture, you can look around in the souks of both Abu Dhabi and Dubai and you can browse through their variety freely. Look around in the Dragonmart of Dubai too, which deals with all sorts of Chinese furniture, also with rattan furniture. In Abu Dhabi, look around the Liwa Centre and the Marina Breakwater Shopping Mall among many others.