Versace Home

Versace Home is really true to the Versace heritage. If you are rich, then to it big, with full of gold and full of glitz and glamour, so that others also can see! This is the motto of Versace who is against the trendy minimalist no-concept designs and stays by its roots with its beautiful home accessories and furniture. Although Versace Home should be supposed to make furniture primarily, in real they mainly deal with accessories and only secondly with furniture. It’s especially the Versace chinaware with its beautiful decorations, which really do stand out of the crowd. If you look around at Versace Home, you will see the Greek logo of Versace just everywhere no matter which design it is all about.

Versace Home was born back in 1992 with the first release of Versace textiles on the market. These were followed with the first china collections of Versace featuring the Versace logo and the famous Medusa in diverse forms. Versace has always has a distinctive Baroque, if not Rococo feeling about its style which is rich and reminds us to the style of royal houses all in all. Versace Casa is full of Gold, Silver and crystal just about everywhere and on everything you will see in its store. Versace’s first company a fashion store was founded in 1978 so Versace Home just shows the world how long a way did Versace come ever since, growing out to be one of the world’s most popular luxury fashion brands which this time with Versace Casa has decided to do something else which is equally similar and different to fashion design. What can be closer to trendy clothes than trendy furniture? Versace‘s textile lines also stand out, their tablecloth, bed linen and beautiful decorative pillows look great and definitely make a living area hip with a minimal effort. In the collection of the company, we can also get to find lots of different types of wall papers and their china collection also has some decent decoration value in them. In Dubai, you can find the only store of Versace Home within the Dubai Mall. Please note though that Versace does not deal with many types of furniture, they are not a furniture store, rather a status –symbol home collection store where you can get one or two great quality home ware in order to make your living room or bedroom look even nicer. The Versace furniture are all looking royal though, designed fantastically and as you can imagine, they are also sold for fantastic prices. The product catalogue of Versace Home categorises the products of Versace according to this list:
• Heritage
• Design
• Lampade - ceiling lamps, crystal
• Lampadari – table lamps
• Specchi - mirrors
• Tessile - textiles
• Art de la Table – tableware

If you want to see some high profile luxury interior decorations and some beautiful luxury furniture items, then do not hesitate to visit Versace Home in the Dubai Mall. Although it is an expensive store, it has occasional discounts for smaller items and accessories. The Versace Home is among the most elegant interior stores, in Dubai.