Leather Sofa

Leather furniture definitely enjoys priority above the textile or plastic furniture and Arabic countries, such as the UAE are all famous for their premiere leather goods, which also include furniture. There is no other material, which could take the place of leather in every aspect. Leather furniture looks and feels great; it is extremely resistant and it gets even better with time. Leather furniture is such a classic that always stays trendy and in most cases, it serves as a memento of good taste and good financial situation.

There are every sorts of leather furniture ranging from classic to the modern shapes. Leather furniture, such as leather sofa sets come in every colour and with proper cleaning and treatments, it can conserve its colour for a very long time. No matter to which Arabic country you go to, you will see several classic examples of leather making. Thanks to the climate in these countries, their primary economy used to be the making and selling of quality leather-ware that is mostly made out of lambskin. If you go to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you will see that the souks or traditional marketplaces are all stuffed with quality leather goods, which also include furniture. Dubai has made such a big name with its quality leather furniture UAE that several international leather furniture factories offer their leather sofa sets named "Dubai set".

Therefore, it is not a question that when you are here, you will find a huge variety of leather furniture UAE and internationally collections and there are some pretty great and huge leather sofa collections here, which you can browse through, once you are in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi. Let us now see a couple of examples to where we should start our search.

First, there is the furniture of Home Centre. Home Centre represents its goods with many shops all over the Middle East and Northern Africa being one quality normal and leather furniture maker. Its central shop can be found in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai together with the Oasis Centre and Sahara Shopping Mall and in the Dalma Mall Moussafah, in the Liwa Centre and in the Marina Mall Shopping Malls. The collections of Home Centre offer quality IKEA like furniture for a good price.

If you are looking for something more serious though, take an excursion to the Al Quoz quarter of Dubai, where you will find brands as the Falaknaz Furniture Warehouse. Falaknaz is one of the biggest brands of leather furniture UAE collections. No matter it is classic or modern, at Falaknaz, you will find the best quality leather sofas, such as the Kensington Sofa, the Aurora Sofa, or the Wiscount William 3 Seater with the inclusion of the modern style Parnell 3 seated sofa. However, it is just one part of the total collection. There are huge corner sofas and corner sofa sets on offer, which will also remain big favourites for any local family. The One is a quality brand store found in Dubai right in front of the Jumeirah Mosque so you cannot miss it. Their shop represents quality leather sofas that last for centuries if treated well.

For the international leather collections, try Mark Winston or the US Crate and Barrel. In case you would like to have some Italian style contemporary leather furniture, try Moda Casa in Deira or check out the stores of Natuzzi located in the big shopping malls of both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Please note: Leather furniture is expensive also in the furniture UAE market. Do not go for bargain prices when it comes to leather. Unfortunately to the dismay of many expats several smaller and bigger furniture lines, apply a method which needs only a very thin layer of real leather and you don't see the difference in quality only one year later when it gets cracked. Other shops use fake leather. Always make sure of the quality, and rather pay more for a good item than waste money on some cheap yet fake leather sofa. In addition, when you buy a leather sofa, you need to make sure of the wood quality, which the leather sofa must be a very resistant piece of furniture, as it will be heavily used.