IKEA Furniture

IKEA today, is perhaps the most famous international furniture chain had several attempts to plant its feet on the UAE market but as we can see from the results, it has finally managed to do so. IKEA has never been more famous than today and the number of shoppers visiting IKEA in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is just huge.

There are not many people who do not know that IKEA comes from Sweden as it wears the colours of the Swedish flag. You can see the funny Swedish name of every single item sold in the IKEA and they have a nice department dedicated for solely IKEA's Swedish food specialties. Whenever you come to an IKEA, you will feel a little bit as if you were travelling to Sweden according to the concept of IKEA, which by far really paid off. IKEA sells all sorts of furniture, household wares, all sorts of kitchenware, home ware even some cosmetics and has a handy garden section too with plants having incredibly green leaves. IKEA is also famous for being just the same all around the world. This gives you the comfort of exactly knowing what you want. Thanks to the catalogues of IKEA coming out every year and can be viewed also on the website of IKEA everyone is totally in picture about all the offer of IKEA and the Swedish brand can always come out with something genuine something simple yet special and something that's really cute or elegant. IKEA has recreated the furniture buying into an IKEA lifestyle. The IKEA stores look a little bit as a busy airport area with all the crowd all the buffet and restaurant possibilities, not to mention their great offer having set up a nanny service and a little children playground at every IKEA where you can leave children for free for an hour while looking around is a great idea indeed.

So many people go to the IKEA also in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to taste this feeling, the Swedish lifestyle. Besides, IKEA always comes up with some discounts and some special prices especially regarding its home ware collections where there is always something you can pick up on. The textile and carpet offers of IKEA are also non-stop enhanced and sold with sound success. The good thing in IKEA is, that if you want to buy the cheapest furniture in the world, you can do so over here, yet if you want to buy some exclusive and expensive furniture, you can find them here all the same. IKEA is great for all the expats who need to furnish a flat extra quickly with some basic items that will serve them in several ways. IKEA is a great fan of alternative use furniture, which makes our job a lot easier. It is important to mention in how many charity programs IKEA takes part in.

Of course, not everyone likes the IKEA style, specifically in the Arabic countries where people are bigger fans of real wooden furniture that IKEA does not sell in that style and quality. Although the quality of IKEA is as good as it gets, there are many who don't like their concept of build-together-yourself. In Dubai, you can find IKEA in the Dubai Festival City after two failed attempts (In the Dubai Deira City Centre and in the Karama Zabeel Road also in Dubai). This is the shop to stay. In Abu Dhabi, you will find IKEA in the huge Abu Dhabi Marina Mall and Abu Dhabi just opened the largest IKEA in the whole Middle East in its artificial entertainment island called Yas Island.

IKEA is today quite famous in the UAE, both in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. As Sharjah is stepping up as the furniture capital of the Emirates, we can expect another IKEA opening here in the upcoming years.