Used Furniture

If you have freshly moved to Dubai and just got your flat you may need to find some good and cheap furniture so that you can start your life there the most conveniently, which doesn't really go, without at least some furniture. Used furniture is a great option for everyone who does not knows yet how much time they spend in Dubai and want to start up with some basic furniture. Second hand furniture varies in type and sort. Hereby we enlist you some of the most popular buys and the places where you can get to them.

The most popular type of used furniture is the classic sometimes even antique wooden furniture. This sort of furniture is typically the most resistant furniture of its kind. When it comes to heavy wooden furniture there are several shops living well selling imported furniture from Europe or the classic wooden Turkish style furniture, all of which look good and there are several locals looking for this antique style, which for sure has lots of storage space in its cupboards and closets. Sometimes these are re-lacquered so that they can look like new and they are sold on a good price. Used furniture can be bought very well in Abu Dhabi at the Iranian Souk or at the Afghan Soon, in Dubai try the less known Satwa and Karama Souks to buy some good quality used furniture. These sorts of furniture mean a great getaway for many from the ordinary pooper quality modern looking furniture. You can also try the Marina Exotic Furniture in the Dubai Festival City and do not miss the Mall of the Emirates and its area giving home to some of the most popular furniture brands of the UAE.

If you are smart, you can check out the advertising walls of local supermarkets like Lulu or Spinney's representing ads of expats who are selling out as soon as possible because of moving out, and would like to get a fragment of the money back which they have invested in their furniture. These are real bargains if you are lucky and play it with poker face. Another great choice for you is to visit the Dubai Flee Market in the Zabeel Park that is still less known even for those who have spend quite a time in Dubai. Here you can find any and everything. You can haggle and you can get many goods for quite a deal. Everyone goes this place when they want to look around for some extras and for finding some interesting goods. Zabeel Park is easy to find, just get off from the Metro at the Al Jafiliya Metro Station. Besides, the Zabeel Park is huge. Visit the website of the flea market to see which way is the best for you to get to it the most effortlessly.

As you see second hand furniture is indeed a great business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and you can find some great furniture and some exceptional bargains if you decide to dedicate some more time to find your next best used furniture while you are staying in the UAE.