When reading about the concerns of most people who are to move in the UAE specifically in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, we have noticed that some of the greatest concerns of people are concentrated on how and where to get good quality mattress in these cities. According to the experience of many expats, it seems that their experience on the overall offer of shops in the UAE, namely in Dubai is not colourful enough. Therefore, they are either keep on missing some of their favourite mattress brands and stores they got used to or they pay the double in order to bring a mattress straight from a store in their homelands. Luckily, you will not need this solution anymore. With the help of some more looking around and of reading this article, we hope that we can help everyone to solve this problem the most quickly.

Unfortunately, there are some basic misunderstandings when it comes to furniture UAE because of the constant overestimating of stores by their owners. In the big malls, such as the Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Mall, you will get to experience more than two third of the stores featured on the malls' website as stores dealing with furniture. When looking at these, you will feel a sudden disappointment as its likely that the store will look like an ordinary souvenir store in a souk, a solely Home D├ęcor selling store which has no furniture inside or they are only selling carpets. Led by these disappointments, there are several expats who lost their trust on the reliability of stores' names and they rather get their goods posted to them straight from the US, Canada or the UK, just to mention three of the most likely areas from where the largest number of expats comes from. A mattress is naturally a vital part of a bed and it's greatly responsible for our sleep. Most people know that when it comes to all the different sorts of mattress, quality must be paid. Mattress has dozens of different types and every one of us needs a different type of it which most of us do not even know how it should be to sleep on. Yet there are signs when you can be sure that you cannot sleep well because of a mattress and that's when its time to look for a professional mattress producing brand.

Let's see now where to go in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to find the mattress what we need. It's true that there is not as many mattress buying possibilities in the furniture UAE industry as we might have may think. We don't know why is that yet we suppose it's just the cause of the lack of interest by locals. Of course big furniture UAE brands such as Home Centre (based in the Mall of the Emirates) or the Abu Dhabi based Homes R Us, having different ordinary mattresses on sale. So, where can we go to buy a real quality mattress when we stay in Dubai? First, there is the mattress offer of Carrefour, where most people stop looking and just buy the mattress, as it is cheap over there. IKEA in the Dubai Festival City offers several types of mid-category mattresses that have been dismissed by several of those who prefer a totally different grade of mattresses. Currently, there is one brand that leads the mattress quality businesses and it is called Hastens, an internationally well-known mattress producer dealing with dozens of mattress of all sorts. This may mean key information for everyone desperately seeking the highest quality mattresses in Dubai. Find Hastens in the furniture UAE district called Al Quoz, located on the Cement Factory Road.

So, if you know the mattress your need, head for one of these shops to get it. At Hastens, you can even receive some real professional help to determine which mattress to use. And we hope that the list of quality mattress shops in the furniture UAE industry will further grow in the future. Until then, check out specifically Dubai mattress and furniture shops.