Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture is among the best-known furniture brands in the United States of America. The all-American furniture shop is today among the biggest, selling its products through the stores of Ashley HomeStore and online as well. Ashley Furniture, just as the biggest American brands, can be found in the UAE. Let us see where to find this brand in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

It's an interesting question why do American brands, who don't have any will to break into international markets, open their stores in the UAE, namely in Dubai. We can get to see several of such brands which we could otherwise only visit in the United States. The same goes for British brands too, such brands that never wanted to be present in the European neither in the transatlantic market. So, what's the reason for all this? The secret lies in the growing number of especially North American and British expats who go to work or invest in a home in order to spend half a year in Dubai as their second home. Of course, the hard will of Dubai and the UAE in order to be represented all around the world requires strong English skills. Therefore, the UAE, namely Dubai has decided to employ American and British expats to several territories of the industry in order to go on better with all the renovations even more quickly and also to make Dubai a kind of cosmopolitan city. British and American people love their own brands. For them, the local cuisines and local shops do not represent their value. Therefore, after British and American expats, came the British and American brands, all through a Dubai retailer company and it is in tradition by now. After Debenhams, Harvey Nichols or Saks Fifth Avenue came the American restaurants and fast food places, the British and Irish pubs, in order to keep all these expats in Dubai, Dubai has decided to bring them a piece of England and a piece of the United States.

Ashley Furniture is one find example for this main target. The furniture store has become famous in the United States for its low-budget prices fine quality and of having several collections, which bring together the past and the future. In the States, people love real wood furniture and mostly furniture making factories tend to manufacture the most rustic and old looking furniture trends, which result good-looking comfortable and all reliable pieces. In their selling system, Ashley Furniture stays the manufacturer while selling is the task of the franchise stores wearing the Ashley HomeStores name everywhere. There are hundreds of these stores all around the US. Ashley has become extremely popular with its new line called Millennium containing contemporary pieces of furniture. Other lines feature colonial, cottage, antique or traditional style furniture together with the younger or more modern collections. Ashley Furniture deals with all sorts of furniture with the exception of kitchen and bathroom ware. Currently Ashley Furniture is sold in one large furniture store the Atrium Interior Furniture in Dubai in the Karama district on Umm Hurair road. You can check out their offers once you visit them.

As you see, along many other things, you can also get to find Ashley Furniture in Dubai. Unfortunately, there is no information on them being sold in Abu Dhabi too, but eventually they will surely open one store over there too.