United Furniture

United Furniture is one of the best known Dubai furniture stores which sell all sorts of home furniture with the exception of bathrooms, kitchens, sanitary and electronic appliances. The first store of United Furniture Dubai opened in 1975 in the Karama district, the district which was already famous for its furniture stores at that time. Ever since the furniture brand grew bigger and better and they have opened their second and largest showroom on the Sheikh Zayed Road, the main road of Dubai, near Oasis Shopping Mall. Their third large showroom soon followed with its opening in Sharjah, the soon-to-be furniture capital of the United Arab Emirates.

United Furniture has become one of the leading leather furniture specialists in Dubai ever since. Their large sofas and sofa sets for living rooms are largely bought. United Furniture Dubai, however, is not among the most expensive Dubai furniture brands, its prices are higher than those furniture stores which promote themselves with several discounts. Also, the furniture range follows the Western style in its furniture, especially the Italian style therefore you can find more of the darker tones over here than in other furniture stores. This means, the shades of brown, beige, black, purple and grey. To some these colours may seem boring especially when there is a large amount of them together so when you buy these compositions take care of the wall always delivering something extra and light in order to brighten up the room.

United Furniture Dubai also doesn't deal with office furniture either, so we can say that its specialties are limited for the furnishing of the living room, the bedroom and the children's room. Out of the latter they have especially nice collections.

In style United Furniture Dubai follows the modern forms which start form Art Deco and get mixed up with the Bauhaus and the Italian designing lines. This means, that the price of the collections is indeed not low. The furniture brand also deals with artistic accessories which means sculptures, designer clocks , designer chandeliers and other trendy art forms. What United Furniture Co. offers is definitely for the upper class who likes to follow the trends. Their collections are also to the like of the several expats who work in management or upper management or by any chance who run their own company.

United Furniture Dubai follows the trends so much that it's a regular visitor and exhibitor on the Milan Furniture Fair which is definitely the biggest and trendiest furniture fair in the world. The furniture store however has a down to earth attitude toward customers and they have a very good customer service too. The brand always takes the highest care of its quality. United Furniture Dubai , although it doesn't have discounts in the same manner as other cheaper furniture brands do also has its outselling periods when someone who treasures quality and has the purse to pay it can do some great deals here. United Furniture Dubai is definitely worth visiting for all those, who plan to furnish or re-furnish their Dubai flats.