Buy Furniture

Let us imagine you are in the situation to have just moved to the UAE, Dubai or Abu Dhabi and you will have a fully empty flat there. You will figure out that you will need to buy furniture, possibly from the best place that is the most likely to have anything that you need. In this article, we are going to give you some useful information on where to buy furniture and what sorts of furniture businesses operate in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the whole UAE.

First, the two main poles to buy furniture in the UAE are definitely Dubai and Sharjah both of them having an always-growing market to serve. As Sharjah is just about thirty minutes from Dubai, it is not a challenge to go there. Therefore, we will talk about some of the biggest furniture markets and places to buy everything necessary in Dubai.

In Dubai, if you need cheap yet good furniture, then you must go straightaway to the Karama district. The Karama district is the approved immigrant district of Dubai and it is quite famous for having the cheapest shops in town operated by mainly Indians and Pakistanis. Here, if you have the patience, you can buy everything in one day, no matter what style, because you will just find any and every style in Karama's businesses. As they mostly sell second hand furniture, their shops cannot really be found on the internet.

Some of the most popular UAE furniture chains include Homes R Us Dubai, which was founded in Abu Dhabi, where its base is still located at 6 different places such as BurJuman Shopping Mall, Al Barsha Union Coop, Arabian Centre Mirdiff and in the Mazaya Centre. Contrary to the fact where its locations can be found, Homes R Us sells furniture for quite a good price with several temporary discounts.

Another important furniture chain of Dubai is called Home Centre. This is a liked option because its furniture is fair quality and most Dubai and UAE locals shop in the shops of Home Centre unless they are very rich and wants only luxury furniture, which you should look up at other stores about which we will a write a few words later on. The biggest flagship store of Home Centre can be found in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, but there are other 12 shops all over the UAE. The Home Centre is also the biggest furniture chain of the region with 71 shops all over North Africa, the Middle East and in India.

For sure if we talk about furniture, we cannot avoid talking about IKEA, which is among the most favourite stores of the UAE, having one big centre in both Dubai and in Abu Dhabi too. IKEA is a great line which has something for everyone and which is tremendously popular all over the world, no matter for poor and for rich it can give quality things and fun when it comes to putting the furniture together.

For buying all the electronic appliances, we suggest you to visit Auchan and Carrefour or Lulu's because these have the widest variety.

Moreover, for finish let us mention some of the deluxe shops where you can buy furniture are Aati Dubai in Karama, Ethan Allen in Dubai Mall, Marlin Furniture or Purity.