Dining Table & Furniture

Dining tables are normally sold in dining sets in Dubai. Of course, you have the chance to find solely dining tables too, but anyhow, you will need some chairs to pass with them so you can also think about buying a smaller or larger dining set in your home. In the UAE, apartments are bigger and normally also feature an alone standing dining corner which is not in the kitchen.

It is quite important to note for expats when furnishing their homes and wish to invite also local friends for dinner that Arabic people never eat in their kitchens. Never, ever! The kitchen is the women's place where they prepare the dishes, chitchat or play with the children while the men are having some pleasant talk in the living room or the living rooms separate dining area. Even if you have place in the kitchen where they put a table, it is for the kids normally or the woman to deal with cooking and that is it. So do not place the dining set in the kitchen this time unless you will not be having any Arabic guests. You will see while you are staying in the UAE, no matter in Dubai or Abu Dhabi that there are several beautiful dining tables in sets for sale all around the towns. Let see some examples both in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi.

Home Centre: Home Centre is a local chain selling good quality furniture, which is not exclusive and has affordable prices and some really nice dining table sets with 4 or 6 chairs for one dining table. Currently in their summer catalogue they feature lots of sorts of dining table sets out of which the most expensive with six chairs costs DH 6500 which is really a good price. Check out their offer in Dubai in the Mall of the Emirates, in the Mirdif, Oasis and Sahara Centres.

Falaknaz Dubai: one of the primary wooden furniture makers of Dubai, Falaknaz has many sorts of dining table sets on offer, which look great yet they are quite pricey. Falaknaz is in Al Quoz Dubai only.

United Furniture: United Furniture is a great furniture UAE chain and has several shops all over Dubai and Sharjah too. Their offers have clean forms; they follow both the modern and the more traditional trends. The variety on offer here is indeed great. Find the stores of United Furniture in Dubai in either the Sheikh Zayed Road by Osasis Centre, or on the Zabeel Road in Karama or in Sharjah in the Al Quasimia Street.

You can check out the variety at Homes R Us, which is similar to the offer of Home Centre, yet has several shops in Abu Dhabi, as it's an Abu Dhabi based chain of furniture UAE stores. In Abu Dhabi, you can find the stores of Homes R Us in every downtown shopping mall. You can also check out the One Furniture store in Dubai just by the Jumeirah mosque.

You will see that you will see quite a great variety of dining table sets no matter you are in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi. The table sets follow different trends everywhere so it is wise to check out on the offers of multiple stores. You can also check the local ads out; perhaps you can get one good set for less than half its original price because of moving out.