Bookcases & Furniture

Bookcases do not belong to the must-haves of most Middle Easter household. Yet of course, we have several chances to find some nice bookcases for us in several ways. In this article, we would like to share a couple of tip with you on where to go and what to look for when you go shopping in the UAE, Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Bookcases come in an extremely wide variety. They can be made of wood, plastic or metal, they can be big or small and they can be of any colour. The most beautiful thing in bookcases is that you can use them for several reasons, not only to store books on them. They give place for your charms and collection of kinder figures or just whatever you would like to store on them. Bookcases are not favoured furniture in the UAE and any Arabic countries because people do not really read because of the cultural differences, which put higher emphases on family life and socialising than on reading. If it's a silent evening without guest people in the UAE prefer to watch TV or play on their gadgets. This means some differences but of course, bookcases are needed in the offices, for businesspersons of any nationality and in the flats of the higher number of expats who arrive in Dubai year by year. Bookcases can even cover a wall and can be used as perfect decoration for a home office or home library. So, the question is where to go when you want to get bookcases?

Of course, it also depends on the style of the bookcase. Many people give up on searching and just get a carpenter to make customised bookcases for them while others do not want to risk not finding them at all and go to the IKEA instead both in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi, where they know that the variety is big enough for them to profit from it. Find IKEA in Dubai in the Festival City and in Abu Dhabi in the Yas Island, which is hosting the biggest IKEA of the Middle East. In the Middle East, the best is definitely to buy hardwood bookcases that are durable and more reliable than any other material, not to mention their natural beauty. Of course, metal bookcases are excellent for the storing of office documents at workplace or at a home office too. The stores, such as BoConcept in the Mall of the Emirates can give you several tricky ideas with their contemporary style furniture. In case you have the necessary budget then pay a visit to the Falaknaz furniture store at Al Quoz area, which is famous for the high number of furniture stores. Falaknaz has great quality wood and they make furniture on request so you can have the bookcase you wanted to with the smallest efforts this way.

And if you like shopping and looking around, then visit Al Quoz and Karama area together with the Mall of the Emirates, where you can get the best quality furniture UAE and you can find several sorts of bookcases and bookshelves over here too. In Abu Dhabi the best places to find bookcases are the shopping malls, the Abu Dhabi Mall or the Marina Mall for example together with the Liwa Centre.