Dubai Furniture Fair

Dubai Furniture Fair is held yearly for a couple of years now, this year in 2012, it will be held from 24 to 27 September. Although Dubai is not yet famous for its furniture industry, furniture represents a great sort of business, as furniture making is not only making furniture for home, it is also a way of art, and furniture design as an occupation is becoming more and trendier over the past decade. And as we talk about Dubai, we can be sure, that this event is big and beautiful. Let us see what is worth knowing about Dubai Furniture Fair.

Dubai Furniture Fair is held in the huge World Trade Centre and expects both visitors and exhibitors from all around the world. Basically, this fair has the same targets that all the fairs do which are first of all: to exhibit your product. If you deal with any goods, right now with furniture, it’s essential for you to find great markets for your goods. In the case of Dubai, its great to find either local retailer, for a non-Dubai company and for smaller furniture designing companies, fairs give a great chance to get in contact with bigger furniture businesses that may want them to cooperate, with the producing of specialty furniture or home accessories.

On the website of Dubai Furniture Fair, you can see that you can basically arrange your whole trip for the time of the exhibition, as there is chance for you to book your hotel here ( luckily there are many business hotels close to the World Trade Centre). As for the exhibitors, there are basically two types of exhibitors on this event. First are the Dubai and Gulf Exhibitors of their furniture designs and second of all it’s the international exhibitors, which range from European till Asian exhibitors who would like to find a good partnership and a chance to sell their furniture in Dubai. It is a key for business to find a partner for any business activity that you want to do in the Emirates, because according to local law, you cannot set up your own store without a local business partner. Therefore, Dubai Furniture Fair is a very important event for so many people dealing with furniture both in and out of the Gulf countries.

If you want to visit as a visitor, of course you have the chance to do so, you need to check out the schedule though might be you can see some great events during the Dubai Furniture Fair. Also, you can of course book your tickets online on the site of Dubai Furniture Fair.

Fairs are great events, both for the public and especially for those dealing with all sorts of business and really fairs give the best timing for exhibitors to find partners and those with whom they can cooperate. Therefore, in case you feel you have an interest in the Dubai Furniture Fair, do not hesitate to check out its website and just pay a visit! For more details regarding the Dubai Furniture Fair, click here.