Furniture Stores

Where there is an ever growing crowd living, then there should be stores too for everyone to buy their furniture for their new or newly bought or rented flats where they are to move, basically anywhere in the area of the UAE, limiting this chance now for Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

There is a high choice of course. There are the deluxe stores in the shopping malls where you can choose among the most expensive brands in the world. However, the crowd rarely goes to these places. Hereby, we will enlist some of the places that are famous for Dubai people; locals, expats or just workers go to buy their furniture. There are different trends all around the world; there are the European minimalist styles which are very popular in Italy and with IKEA; there is the rich wooden style, old style heavy furniture, which people really do like in the UAE. So let us see the furniture stores, which are useful to visit, in order to see what we can get here.

Pan Emirates:
Although according its name we should have every right to think that Pan Emirates is just a branch of Emirates Airlines, but we are not right. There is a whole chain of furniture stores running with sound success in the UAE under the name of Pan Emirates that has shops both in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. The furniture of Pan Emirates is light and structured, in many ways similar to the variety that we can see in the IKEA furniture stores.

Without doubt IKEA has risen to the top level when it comes to where most people go to get their furniture normally. Yet the furniture of IKEA is not cheap yet on the contrary. So people like to buy there accessories and go there more for several discounts or discount period.

Homes R Us:
Homes R US sells all sorts of furniture and accessories such as textile or carpets and all these for the customers and in its shops its quite easy to buy the basic furniture of a whole flat or apartment within a couple of hours. The price of the furniture stores of Home R Us is popular for their offer and you must watch out because its different shops have their discounts at different times and for different things. Homes R Us can be found in Al Ain, in Dubai with its biggest store opened not too long ago in the Ibn Battuta Mall, then in Fujairah, with its grand shop just opened in Ras al Khaimah and of course in Abu Dhabi too.

Home Centre
The Home Centre is a Dubai based business, which has altogether 71 furniture stores all around Dubai with 12 in Abu Dhabi and the whole UAE. On top of this, they also have dozens of shops in Northern Africa. With their latest opening in India, they are clearly showing their intentions to go further deeper inside the Asian market. Home Centre has fine quality furniture for an economical price; and thanks to the high number of shops in Dubai, centered in the Mall of the Emirates, you can easily get all sorts of furniture and accessories over here.

These are just some of the furniture stores that you will hear about the most when you are in Dubai. Of course, all furniture stores have different styles to attract customers so this way there is no question that each one of them is highly visited. No matter to which one of these furniture stores you go, you can furnish a flat nicely for a lower price.