Sofas play a key importance as furniture in every flat in the world. No matter they are made of textile or leather, or whether they come as a corner sofa or in sofa sets with coffee table and optional armchairs, the sofas also have a key importance when it comes to furniture UAE collections. Let us see where we can get to find the best sofas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In a normal Arabic flat, there are at least two sofas, either as parts of one set or located in the reception hall and in the living room of a bigger apartment or a house. Arabic families normally have a reception area in the hall nearby the entrance of a flat. This is because of the religious traditions. Men can sit outside while women can work in the kitchen and spend time with the children and the other female members this way without disturbing. The ordinary or unexpected guests therefore sit down in the outer hall of the home while visiting family members can get to sit on the sofas located in the living room. This might sound a bit complicated but makes a flat really colourful and beautiful in the Middle East. Sofas, therefore, make key parts of a living room where it can happen that apart from a table, a closet and TV, you will find the sets of sofas making the central part of a room, equipped with an adequate coffee table that is big enough for serving normal meals too.

Leather and textile sofas are sold in high numbers all around the UAE, Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi. The local chains of furniture UAE stores are called the Home Centre and the Homes R Us in Dubai having many stores all across the emirate. The stores of United Furniture Co and Pan Emirates are some of the most popular in Dubai; yet if you are looking for something more traditional, visit the furniture stores of the Karama district and the Deira souk. Here you can get to find what local people like to buy in the UAE. In case you feel like rather getting something from abroad, the biggest international furniture stores can be found either in the Dubai Mall or in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, in the Darma or the Marina Shopping Malls of Abu Dhabi. If you would like something made out of quality leather, look for the stores of Falaknaz Furniture in the Al Quoz area of Dubai.

The stores of Index or ID Design in Dubai are also examples of how the IKEA style furniture gets to be trendier even in the Middle East. Of course, there is still the real IKEA to visit, both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, although let us point out that the sofa sets in the IKEA are not cheap at all. So, dedicate some time to walk around the main furniture and shopping districts of both Dubai and Abu Dhabi and for sure, you will end up with the best suitable sofas in the end.