Coffe Table & Furniture

Coffee tables are must haves in every single UAE households. Coffee tables are great because they can be combined with any type of chairs and they make a great table for the reception of guests and for family meals. Therefore, you will get to see all sorts of coffee tables in Dubai or Abu Dhabi in all shades, sizes, colours. Bigger coffee tables are best bought by local families and of course, they are pretty trendy. These tables also come with sofa sets automatically.

When it comes to coffee tables, the first thing you are thinking about is that they are so widely used that there is almost no family without at least one coffee table anywhere in the world. Coffee tables work greatly for serving snacks, for the place where you put your newspapers or the remote control or they can also store toys , so there is no way you wouldn't be able to use them every single day. When you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you can even get to buy coffee tables without actually visiting a furniture store, if you go to the souk to see all the varieties. Coffee tables have key roles in the lives of Arabic families so they are sold and bought everywhere in town.

Among the furniture UAE stores, you can see some of the biggest variety of coffee tables. We can enlist the stores of Home Centre that can be found in the Mirdif, Oasis and Sahara Centres in Dubai. With the inclusion of the Mall of the Emirates and in Abu Dhabi, they are located in every big shopping mall all around the capital. The store called The One is very famous place to visit, nearby the Jumeirah Mosque and you can also check on the stores of Homes R Us, another local chain having stores both in Abu Dhabi and in Dubai, with an Abu Dhabi management. The store of Pan Emirates sell all sorts of furniture UAE sets which families often buy, just like the sofa sets, coffee tables of every sort and also TV cabinets too. u

In the bigger international stores, such as IKEA which you can find both in Dubai (Dubai Festival City) and in Abu Dhabi ( where the biggest IKEA of the whole Middle East has just opened its doors a couple of months ago in 2011 May.) Other options for you are to check out the United Furniture Stores in Dubai and Sharjah, located along the Sheikh Zayed Road nearby Oasis Shopping Centre. If you want some real good quality wooden coffee tables, visit the furniture stores in the Karama District. For a bigger international variety, dedicate a day to go through the Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall in Dubai and through the Abu Dhabi and Marina Malls in Abu Dhabi.

You can be sure that the only thing, which might keep you from shopping a coffee table instantly, is the extreme variety that you will get to see. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the furniture UAE industry puts high importance on the making of coffee tables in every size.