Pottery Barn

The company called Pottery Barn was founded long ago in 1950 and has been operating with a decent success ever since. Then, seeing the great success of Pottery Bar the growing international fashion retail company GAP has decided to purchase it in 1986 by its sub-company, which is called Williams Sonoma. Let us see what Pottery Barn has to do in Dubai and where we can find its store in this great Middle Eastern emirate.

There is a distinctive interior style which some call simply British, others call romantic country style and it has conquered the whole world by its niceness and by its nostalgic traditional looks. Many people prefer this warm style to the colder contemporary interiors and we can clearly understand why, if we look at the great collection of Pottery Barn, which is surprisingly not a British but an American company, as the romantic country style is also very famous in the United States.

Pottery Bar is based in San Francisco, California, which is a great place for such style, as the city is extremely famous for its great rows of Victorian houses, which are some of the most inviting for the warm romantic style, which Pottery Bar delivers. In the Eighties Pottery Bar came out with their specialty teenage furniture collection called PBteen which operates its alone standing stores with great success. PB Dorm is the sub-outlet of Pottery Bar, which concentrates on those who just start their university studies, either home or at a dormitory.

When we look at the offer of Pottery Bar, we will see how great and extensive it is. There is virtually nothing that this company does not deal with, from traditional looking great kitchens to linen. There is just everything available in the stores of Pottery Bar. This is a great thing, which makes you want to furnish your house from head to toe straight from here, of course given the fact that their style is yours all the same. Apart from the whole furniture sets, you can buy a great number of accessories over here and on the website of the store, there are several quality ideas on interior design and practicality.

The three great services that make Pottery Barn even more popular are its Kitchen Comfort corner, which has hundreds of great ideas for planning a great kitchen, the “Design Your Dream Home”. Thanks to the great success of the brand in the States, Pottery Barn has arrived in Dubai too in 2010. The store with its twin store PotteryKids has opened in the Dubai Mall, where they are standing till today. If you visit this great store its almost impossible that you come out without buying something, If you live in Dubai, then this great store is surely a must-visit place for you.