Designer Furniture

Designer furniture has always been famous in the UAE who is thirsty to soak up all the Western culture and to use it in their favour. In this article we will say a few words about where to find the best designer furniture all around the UAE, namely in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi.

Designer furniture is part of the contemporary art movement that has been going all around the world since about the Sixties. The Sixties brought the most change to normal home furniture and from then on designer furniture had become a trademark, almost same for a car designer or an architectural style. Of course, this does not mean that furniture was not designed earlier, but that's the age from when the designing of furniture counts really as an alternative form of sculpture. Of course we can see some haute couture designs at every shows which are definitely not for the daily use and definitely not comfortable either. Yet, with Andy Warhol and the pop-culture, the art of furniture design has implemented several forms, the making of plastic furniture and has put it in the normal flats. These furniture which look good and they are mostly dead expensive is as much par of the exclusive lifestyle as a painting or a luxury car. Designers of quality furniture nowadays also earn huge money by being asked to design and create the interior furniture of a whole hotel or a high-profile restaurant or bar too. The leaders of contemporary designer furniture come from Italy, Germany and France mainly. These are the countries which have founded and started to use the extreme forms in the every day. As an effect of pop culture the United States has also created its modern style designer furniture and as of today, we can also get to see some of the earliest forms of furniture previously held overly extreme, in the stores of IKEA too.

Designer furniture is a type of art, which is the same as sculpting, painting or designing clothes, cars, interiors and buildings. The haute couture and the future trends of designer furniture are really followed and respected in Dubai, therefore Dubai has decided that instead of just viewing, they will bring designer furniture in Dubai, by a yearly held international furniture, interior design fair the INDEX - International Design Exhibition which this year will be held 18-22 November. This exhibition is held in Dubai, in the huge World Trade Centre and it really invites the crème de la crème of the international furniture and overall design companies. It features every aspects of designing from designer furniture till bathroom, kitchen designers, architects, interior designers, lamp and lighting product designers and just everything you can imagine. The number of exhibitors is more than 500 at a huge area.

In Dubai the best designer furniture can be found in the Mall of the Emirates (Bo Concept) , in the Dubai Mall (Versace Home) yet you can also find quality ware in Saks Fifth Avenue in the Debenhams and also the Wafi Mall gives you chance to view the offers of quality furniture designer stores. In Abu Dhabi you will find quality designer furniture stores just like the Abu Dhabi Mall, the Marina Abu Dhabi and the Liwa Shopping Malls among many others. Apart from this, visit Karama and Al Quoz areas of Dubai and Sharjah the central furniture shopping areas in and around Dubai.