Italian Furniture

Italy has always ranked among the most artistic most trend conscious country with some of the highest capacity in trend creating. As many know, Italy is the country of arts of all sorts, having some of the richest history in the world concerning its artists no matter in which field of art they were working. Milan in Italy is the capital of fashion without doubt and it sets the new trends to the world two years ahead.

Italian style had arrived here sometime ago and the newly opened Armani Hotel is just among the most beautiful examples of contemporary arts, regarding their furniture. Besides normally being traditional, Italian designers love the stylish haute couture, which is the real art of furniture making. Maybe there aren't many who are informed on this fact but Dubai has a quite a quality international furniture expo called INDEX which makes many of the top furniture designers in the world together featuring the newest trends in furniture making. Of course, here we can get to see lots of Italian furniture brands featuring their newest designs and public collections as well. Some of designer houses such as Armani have come out with their Italian furniture and home ware collections such as Versace too. Of course there are several big names in the Italian furniture industry which aren't connected to any sorts fashion houses such as Banco, Dante Bonucelli, Natuzzi, Luca Meda, Tivali ,Porro, Artemide just to say a few examples. Of course not only the living and bedroom furniture of Italy is well known. There are several brands specialised on kitchen and exclusive bathroom designs, not to mention all the great Italian pavings mostly made out of marble out of which Carrara marble has become world famous. Some of these world famous Italian sanity ware companies have their shops in Dubai too. It's also interesting to note that several well known Italian furniture brands specialise themselves on one sort of furniture for example living room furniture or divans, carpets and textile or bedroom furniture including kitchen and sanitary ware.

The best shops in Dubai where you can get quality Italian Furniture are enlisted here: Molteni & C Dada: Offers quality Italian furniture opening its first store in Dubai in 2008. Located in Deira's Al Ittihad Road, being very close to Sharjah Molteni & C Dada offers such quality brands as Banco, Citterio, Dante Bonucelli, Rodolfo Dordini, Tivali, Ferruccio Laviani , Luca Meda and Unifor just to mention a few names.

Natuzzi Design: Located in Dubai's Al Quoz Area, being one well-known furniture store area of Dubai, Natuzzi offers real quality designs of Italian furniture of its own brand.

Purity Design: This Italian furniture store is located on Umm Hurair Road in Oud Metha and it offers diverse Italian brands for the customers, each one being of the most exclusive type: Porro, Artemide, Living Divani, Paola C.

Bagno: Which belongs to Sapinex Group and deals exclusively with bathrooms, fittings or pavements? Bagno offers diverse brands like Bossini, Zuchetti or Bati Balli. This store is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road at Al Quoz again.

For some quality interior ideas, visit either Versace Home in the Dubai Mall or just go around the Mall of the Emirates famous for its biggest collection of quality textile and furniture stores.

As you see, Italian furniture is quite fashionable and therefore available in Dubai. As for Abu Dhabi, visit the huge Marina Mall or the Abu Dhabi Mall where you can get to see some of the highest quality Italian furniture