Antique Furniture

There are several different sorts of antique furniture that we can mostly get to see in the furniture stores selling classic antique style wooden furniture. As this type of antique furniture is a sure bet in Dubai, where heavy wooden furniture is still considered the best, you can be sure to find several stores of wooden, antique furniture in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Let us see what the main choices are to get quality wooden antique furniture in the UAE:

First, in Dubai, there are 2 main zones you can get to see lots of sorts of furniture: first is the Al Quoz zone that hosts most of the biggest furniture and antique furniture warehouses. You can find the biggest names and brands in furniture when you visit this zone which is located along the outer section of the Sheikh Zayed Road. Other main furniture district is the Karama district famous for its furniture store that sells really every different sorts of furniture, starting from normal to used furniture, oriental, Indian wooden or antique furniture and also second-hand and cheap furniture. Other than these zones, the big shopping malls all host some furniture stores but these are mainly of the international brands. The best shopping mall in terms of furniture stores is the Mall of the Emirates, which also has several furniture stores in its close outer area. One of the most notable brands selling fine quality antique furniture are the Falaknaz Furniture which is also running under the names of Falaknaz Habitat and Falaknaz Warehouse. You can find Falaknaz stores in the Al Quoz area. Other notable brand is the Jadis Furniture the warehouse store of which is also located in Al Quoz and they are famous for their beautiful wooden furniture. If you want to look around also further, check out the Pinkies' and Lucky's furniture stores in Sharjah both of which are extremely popular for Dubai locals and expats for buying wooden furniture.

In Abu Dhabi, there are no known districts or areas where furniture buying is notable, most furniture stores in Abu Dhabi are located in the shopping malls such as Dalma Mall Moussafah, Liwa Center or Al Jimi Mall, which are some of the more notable malls for their furniture stores. Check out also the Madinat Zayed Gold Centre. Abu Dhabi has no notable furniture souks but according to many, you can have some great chance to buy antique furniture in the Iranian Souk or the Afghan Souks of Abu Dhabi.

Another way of buying antique furniture in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or the whole area of the UAE is called Dubizzle. Dubizzle is an online advertising site where advertising is free and a growing number of individuals and businesspersons use this site in order to get reach to some great pieces of wooden, unique or antique furniture. Dubizzle can be used throughout the whole Arabic world which makes the selling all the more interesting. More and more expats are going on Dubizzle first when it comes to buying furniture, before heading out to furniture stores.