Unique Furniture

Each one of us has different taste in furniture. Some people like unique furniture indeed. There are several ways furniture can be unique according to our opinion. Everyone with a taste will be able to find their favourite furniture in the UAE, in Dubai the more and in Abu Dhabi. Dubai is the real capital of shopping in the whole Middle East and there is nothing you would not be able to find here. Let us see in this small list in how many ways we can mean unique furniture:

- A furniture can be unique it is custom-made by a carpenter for you for example
- Unique furniture can be of extreme size type or colour
- For many, exotic furniture from India, China, Japan, Africa and South East Asia is considered unique too
- Finally yet importantly, each furniture makers make unique furniture because they are handmade and not even two of the same furniture is ever the same.
- Designer furniture is also unique furniture as each design comes in limited collection

Now, let us see where we can find all these sorts of unique furniture when we are staying in the UAE:
First, if you want to see the biggest variety of furniture stores, you should visit the Al Quoz area, which is along the Sheikh Zayed Road not too far from Palm Jumeirah Island. The Al Quoz area is an industrial area where you get to find the highest number of warehouses most of which are also open to the public in forms of stores that are mainly selling furniture. The United Furniture, the Home Centre, the Jadis Furniture, the huge warehouse of Falaknaz furniture, Natuzzi and other international brands can be found over here. Most of these furniture stores can make some smaller changes to their furniture, especially the local manufacturers such as Jadis or Falaknaz furniture. The other place to go to look for custom-made furniture is the Karama area, where several local furniture makers have their stores.

For finding a good carpenter in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the best thing to do is to check out the local ads of English speaking newspapers or look up the ads on the ad wall of hypermarkets. They say that finding a good carpenter is not easy in the UAE, because there are not many of them. In this regard, you can also ask other expats how they did get their unique furniture and follow their advices.

There are several international furniture shops where you can get to see real unique furniture, which stands out either because of being extravagant or because of being antique. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you can find several antique dealers if you would like to have great unique furniture. Among the offers we can enlist is Ethan Allen furniture, which is famous for its extravagant style. The store of Ethan Allen can be found in the Dubai Mall.