Modern Furniture

Modern furniture means mostly two basic trends. One is the IKEA trend meaning light modern looking furniture, which in style does not differ much from the norms. IKEA was the first furniture factory in the world that has made "build-your-own" its trademarked trend. Therefore, IKEA is famous all around the world, also in the UAE. The second concept in modern furniture is the artistic dead-expensive concept containing the designs of such designers that are specialised in contemporary furniture design. These designs mean a status symbol for many and they might cost the value of a used car, if not more. Of course, in Dubai, you can find some great examples for both these trends.

In this article, we would like to represent you with some of the best places to buy modern furniture in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Second, we will represent you with some examples on where to buy some of the most expensive minimal concept Italian and international furniture in the UAE.

First, let us see the popular choices for most people. The IKEA of course is among the biggest if not the biggest furniture chain all around the world. UAE has IKEA both in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi as well, and locals really like both the furniture and the meals of IKEA, which both mean trademark goods of the Swedish empire of modern furniture. IKEA could reach to melt modern with the traditional in such ways which slowly but surely makes its trends accepted by everyone. Here you will find your favourite choice no matter you like modern furniture or would prefer to stick with the more traditional outlook. The only drawback of IKEA is that apart from its accessories, its furniture is expensive and it is not too reliable either. Therefore, although people love it for its quality services, they rather stick with their high endurance wooden furniture, which they rather buy at locals. There are several brands that follow the IKEA trend in Dubai; for example, the ID Design (Al Ittihad Rouad Sharjah), where furniture costs more or the Index Living Mall that you can find in the Dubai Mall and which has similar concept to IKEA, yet its furniture is slightly cheaper.

Of course, the choices here in the UAE, especially in Dubai are endless when it comes to quality design furniture. Several businesspersons in offices use these designer items in VIP lounge and in VIP restaurants, not to mention the luxury hotels, such as the Armani. Some of the best names in furniture design business can be found either in the Dubai Mall, in the Mall of the Emirates or in the Wafi City Centre.

Molteni & C Dada is one of the finest examples that represent exclusive Italian modern furniture designs. They have opened their first store in the Middle East in Dubai in 2008. Here you can find the best VIP furniture brands such as Banco, Citterio, Dante Bonucelli, Luca Meda, Tivali, Unifor. Another big name in modern furniture design Natuzzi can be found in Al Quoz area along Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. The Purity, which is a store of solely contemporary Italian furniture brands such as Artemide or Porro, can be found on Umm Hurair Road in Oud Metha. And to finish the line with the most expensive contemporary furniture stores, you can find the exclusive French Roche-Bobois furniture store in Al Barsha and Bo Concept is located in the Mall of the Emirates.

As you see, if you would like modern furniture you will have endless choices in the UAE, especially in Dubai, yet its worth looking around in the main shopping malls of Abu Dhabi too, just like the Marina. Modern furniture is a big trend and there are not many who are not if only slightly open to it even in the UAE.