Zara Home Furniture

Zara Home is an international furniture, accessory and interior design store where you can get all types and styles of furniture and accessories in diverse styles. Zara Home stores can be found in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Apart from the chic style and ways it represents Zara Home is not an expensive store and it has regular sales as well.

Zara Home represents one of the freshest styles when it comes to furniture accessories and interior design accessories. Some may wonder looking at its name if the furniture store has got anything to do with the international and well known prĂȘt-a-porter clothes line Zara and they are right. Both stores are owned by the Spanish Inditex Group which is currently one of the biggest European retail groups specialised in mainly fashion and accessories. Zara Home has currently 293 stores all around the world and due to its success it plans to open even more stores. Un Dubai you can find the store of Zara Home in the Dubai Mall- the biggest ever shopping mall of Dubai and in the Mall of the Emirates, which is currently the most multicoloured shopping mall in Dubai when it comes to furniture shopping. In Abu Dhabi you can find the store of Zara Home in Qasr Al Amouage and in the brand new Marina Breakwater Shopping Malls.

Let's see some of the stylistic details of Zara Home. First of all Zara Home is not really a furniture store. It's rather specialised in interior design collections. Although you can buy smaller furniture items at Zara Home, like chairs, stools, lamps and smaller tables, in real they are specialised in Home ware such as cushions, linen and decorations such as candles, rugs, mats, curtains, linen, tableware and all sorts of such accessories. Zara Home represents fresh style, really colourful, follows the international trends and it tries its best to provide everyone with the taste they like. They have more Oriental oriented collections, they have nature oriented collections they do their best also to match their colours with the actual seasons. They offer accessories for living room, bedroom, and children's room and basically to every part or segments of a flat. In both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the stores of Zara Home are pretty popular.

It's always a better business to deal with home ware accessories because you can surprisingly refresh your old furniture and flat with several new accessory items. New rugs and curtains, new linen and pictures on the wall can do wonders with any flat so therefore Zara Home plays it safe and doesn't deal with the transportation of heavy furniture. Everyone loves interior design accessories so Zara Home does its best to give everyone their most beloved decorations. Therefore the stores of Zara Home look really refreshing with hundreds of smaller and bigger items on sale. Their textile collections are all great and representing a good quality for every buyer.

If you feel that your flat needs a little bit of makeover, then visit the stores of Zara Home either in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Zara Home offers great gift items, has lots of gift ideas, such as collections of its cosmetic range too. When you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, check out the stores of Zara Home.