Cheap Furniture

In the UAE you can find several cheap furniture options when its time for you to get something quickly for a bargain price. Of course, as several locals, especially the expats living in Dubai, whose number is high considering the huge number of Asian workers coming to work in Dubai and the entire transatlantic region and European workforce living in Dubai, cheap furniture has always been something quite important for many.

Let's see now, how will it go for you being either in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi to work your way to find some great deals on furniture. First, we start up with Dubai where there are notably more chances, with the city being overall bigger and more popular for everyone. In Dubai there are many places to go to if you would like to get cheap furniture. You can think in getting second-hand furniture, as these are always cheaper. For looking around visit the Karama district, which is full of cheaper furniture shops, mostly selling furniture sets imported from India. These furniture stores work with different rates though and you can try your haggling skills here. Be careful in Karama though as the prices of several shops are going higher now, because of the Western clientele which is not likely to haggle that much. Visit Sana Centre in Karama and try the Umm Hurair area because this is one area, which has several furniture shops of different kind in its area.

Another great place to go is the Dubai Flea Mart. The Flea Mart can be found in the Zabeel Park and it has some great possibilities for everyone to find something useful, unique for a great price. However, the marketplace is huge and you will need plenty of time to browse the whole through. The other chance to find cheap furniture is to visit the hypermarkets of Dubai, for example the Auchan or the Carrefour have some great simple yet cheap furniture offer which can profit you really well.

Other great chance for you to find great quality cheap furniture is always to look at the advertisements which are either represented in the Ad wall of hypermarkets as Lulu's or Spinney's of expats who want to sell out all their furniture cheaply and quickly because they are leaving the Emirates within a short time.

Other place to look up is the Dragonmart, the Chinese trade centre in the International City of Dubai. As for Abu Dhabi, check out two places, the Iranian Souk and the Afghani Souk both of which offers some good priced furniture. As for cheap brands in Abu Dhabi try Home Centre and Homes R Us brands, both of which are local brands and can be very cheap. Of course, when you are going in the downtown area and visit some of the bigger malls of Abu Dhabi like the Marina, you will surely find some great chances to find cheap furniture.

As you see there are several opportunities for you to buy cheap furniture in the UAE, either in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and also when it comes to cheap furniture don't forget about Sharjah, the new furniture capital of UAE about half an hour drive from Dubai.