Living Room Furniture

If you are moving in to your first rented or bought flat one of the main questions will be for you to get good and suitable living room furniture. Of course there are plenty of options for you as there are dozens of furniture retailers offering you their living room furniture so all you need to do is to look around in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, depending on where you are staying at.

Of course the possibilities are wider in Dubai for you to get a great living room furniture. It's all up to your time and your actual budget to determine what sort of living room furniture you would like to have. Of course to determine this you need to see the size and type of the living room. In the Arabic world the non - European flats all have a so-called reception area which is normally furnished with one or more extra long sofas for the guests to sit down. In the bigger flats there is an outside reception area and also an inside reception area for those guests who are closer friends of the family. Anyhow as most uf us like one long sofa or corner sofas this usually makes the central part of the furniture with the second most important furniture being based around the television. The choices for you are really limitless. You can choose your colour preference and go on a long excursion. If you are in Dubai, there are three key areas for you to visit:

. Al Quoz Area : this is the biggest area where the highest number of furniture retailers are concentrated. There are all sorts of stores over here, from the most expensive to the bargain stores featuring excellent living room furniture for you.
. Karama Area: The Karama Area is a great district for you to look up the local options to buy living room furniture. You can get to find some pretty good bargains over here.
. Mall of the Emirates and area: The Mall of the Emirates is the shopping mall where you can find the highest number of real furniture stores. The Pan Emirati furniture store is although outside but in the close area of the mall and within the Mall of the Emirates you can get to find the Home Centre which is one of the best local furniture chains.

Of course the list doesn't end here. You can visit the Mirdif Centre Shopping Mall where you can visit the Homes R Us store or you can take a tour in the Dubai Festival City where the IKEA of Dubai is also located. The variations of living room furniture are really limitless and depend on how much time and money you would like to have for this shopping. In Abu Dhabi the main furniture area is located along the Airport Road which needs a car to visit. Yet you can also get to see the stores of Home Center and Homes R Us chain stores in every big mall of Abu Dhabi.

Once you dedicate a day to find the best living room furniture for you then you will not have to worry about this for a while. Of course we know that furnishing a flat is a hard task. If you feel you are not able to spend on a living room furniture set, just buy the furniture you really need and then you can go on later when you are ready for the challenge again.