Curtains & Furniture

When you arrive in the UAE building up a new home, no matter for 1, 5 or 10 years, you will sooner or later realise that you will need some curtains and blinders too if necessary. It is very important in such a hot country to have all the protection on windows both for people not to see in and especially for the hot sun not to find its way in the flats. Therefore, whenever you are in a hot country, you can be sure that you will see all sorts of defensive systems on the windows including blinders, roller blinders and shutters in order for the hot not to find its way that easily through the windows.

Curtains also represent a high creativity value with their colours. Curtains usually come in pairs for the windows. One curtain for just hiding the flat without actually taking away any light that comes in the room and the other curtain is a darkener, which we use when we do not want that amount of light to come through the window. The curtains, specifically the double curtains also have a thermal insulation effect. As we know, glasses really do transmit temperature, no matter its cold or warm. Therefore, the curtains help with the overall reducing of this effect. Curtains are indeed important textiles in the UAE and their materials are sold just everywhere, from the souk to the best brand textile stores most of which you can find either in the big shopping malls or in the textile areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Hereby we will represent you with some ideas on how and where to get some great curtains or textiles for curtains in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Curtains serve as beautiful additions to furniture UAE. In Dubai, there are two key areas where most expats go shopping if they want a good-looking textile for curtains. The first is the Al Satwa district where there is the highest number of stores selling all sorts of textiles, no matter for curtain or for upholstery. The Satwa area is not the cheapest but offers a great variety of textiles and by looking around here, you can get an overall picture of the local taste and average prices of curtain materials. The second most preferred area is indeed the Dragon Mart where Chinese shops offer great number of textiles and they are also considered the cheapest in Dubai, so many people visit it in order to buy curtain textile. As an inclusion, the third most popular place to go in Dubai to buy curtain or textile for curtains is the IKEA that has a great advantage above the rest of stores: which is that it sells also curtains, which are pre-sewed. It means you save on the cost of sewing. Their disadvantage is that they cannot be used for all sizes of windows.

Here we arrived to count the absolute price of a curtain. This price has more segments. It includes the textile of the curtain first, then the price of sewing and cutting of curtain textile for the desired shape and size. The third is the installation, which comes when you are really starting from zero. The price also includes mostly the price of the curtain maker to come to your flat or house to install the curtains. This can be high in the end, so you must be careful with counting and always ask about the price of sewing and installation. There are some curtain installers in Dubai like the Al Jamal, which offer complex services from the curtain materials to the installing all in one. In Abu Dhabi, you can also use the services of Al Jamal; and for the curtain textiles, head for the curtain souk or look up the beautiful textile stores of Elecrea and Hamdan streets or by Najda and Salam Streets. For customers with more budgets the stores of Sedar have one of the best varieties on offer.

Therefore, as you see, you will be able to get some brilliant curtains while you are staying in the UAE, no matter in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi, the choice is just great and so is the fixing services! When you are in the souk, you can freely try to haggle on curtain textiles.