Home Furniture

When you are looking for home furnishings in the UAE, you can be sure to find many stores with all sorts of different furnishings and with different prices. In Dubai, most of the biggest brands are present; but it is all up to you what sort of home furnishings you would like to have.

However, the situation is different, depending on how quickly you need to get your home furnishings. Many apartments and rented and bought houses too come all empty; so to start up, as you will need some basic furnishings which does not cost much yet looks nice and you can also keep it for a longer time. You will have several chances in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi too, yet most people nowadays are heading for Sharjah, which is a soon-to-be furnishings capital of the UAE. In Sharjah, you will see many different furnishings stores with a wholly different type of furnishings offers. You can also do as most locals do in the UAE and head for the cheap yet reliable local stores such as the Home Centre or the Homes R Us stores, which can be found in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi in most of the big shopping malls. Another choice for you is to head for an IKEA that you can find in Dubai in the Festival City and in fact, the biggest IKEA of the Middle East opened this year's spring in the Yas Island of Abu Dhabi. IKEA is convenient for expats, yet it is not the cheapest choice. IKEA has a great choice in all sorts of home furnishings, from the cheapest to the most expensive items.

In the UAE, locals certainly prefer wooden furnishings above all. In addition, there will be no well-known brand which you would not be able to find either in the Dubai Mall, in the Mall of the Emirates or in the Wafi Mall of Wafi city. One other choice for home furnishings is to visit the main store of Pan Emirates, another well-known furnishings brand in the UAE. In case you need real low budget furnishings, you can visit the Dragonmart in the Dubai International City, or you can head to one of the big hypermarkets such as Auchan or Carrefour that also has some basic furnishings on sale. Here, you can get to find also ads on the big advertisement wall; you can find around the cashier area where you can get some very remarkable ads from those expats who would like to sell out all their furnishings because of sudden travelling and moving out.

In case you are to buy something special, check out the specific designer stores of Al Quoz district where you can find some of the most exclusive international brands in Dubai including the Umm Hurair and Karama areas. The quality designer home furnishings brands can also be found in the big shopping malls, such as Bo Concept, Zara Home or Laura Ashley Home.

In real, when you are in Dubai, there is not a single thing that you would not be able to find here. Although Abu Dhabi has still less importance by means of shopping, its brand new shopping mall the Marina will serve with all the luxury items and brands that you can imagine. Buying home furnishings will not be a great challenge for you in the UAE, just try to get such home furnishings which is reliable and which you can count