Furniture Outlets

If you happen to move to Dubai, Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the UAE let it be Fujairah or Sharjah, for sure you will need to get to a shop some furniture or find some furniture outlets where you can get everything within the shortest time. Hereby we represent you with some of the most popular furniture outlets that you can find in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

Dubai loves to buy furniture just as much as they love to buy everything, as is human nature everywhere in the world. Of course, the fashion and trends differ in each country, about the overall Dubai flavour we can say, that they like antique or old looking big furniture, which you can also get to see in Turkey, in North Africa. The style was borrowed from the European, especially Italian old style furniture. Of course, you can get also much lighter and originally European furniture of all types in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Some of the biggest furniture outlets in the UAE are the Home Centre and the Homes R Us Dubai. Out of the two, Home Centre has 71 shops all around the Middle East, Northern African and even India. In Dubai, you can find the furniture outlets of Home Centre in Mirdiff, in the Oasis Centre Al Quoz with its headquarters being located in the Mall of the Emirates, where you can find several furniture shops inside and outside too. Home Centre can be found in Abu Dhabi in the Dalma Mall and in the Liwa Centre.

Homes an R Us furniture outlets from Dubai is also a more economical chain where you will not spend larger sums than you would spend in any IKEA. You can find the shops of Homes R Us in Abu Dhabi in the Madinat Zayed Gold Centre and in Dubai in the Ibn Battuta Mall and in the Arabian Centre Mirdiff among others. Another great chain is the Pan Emirates furniture chain the shops of which can be found all over the UAE, in Dubai Al Ain, Al Barsha and in Abu Dhabi too, yet you can find its stores also in Fujairah and Sharjah too.

Getting to IKEA of course there is the IKEA effect also in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The much-loved Swedish furniture outlets seem to have conquered the UAE market as well. IKEA is the Nr.1 in the world when it comes to trendy furniture and for sure, it gives you great help when it comes to being creative. The prices of IKEA though are not the cheapest and in Dubai, there is another shop copying the style of IKEA selling fashionable furniture for a cheaper price called DA. There are currently two large IKEA furniture outlets in the UAE, one being in Dubai and the other is in Abu Dhabi.

In addition, among the most popular furniture outlets, we can also find Lucky's and Pinkies both Indian quality shops that can be found in Sharjah and both of them are popular for their good prices and nice furniture. Naturally, other than this, there are many furniture outlets in Dubai some of them concentrating on the cheaper demand and some of them offer highly exclusive pieces.