Chaise & Furniture

Chaise is not a piece of furniture with a tradition or cultural roots with the Arabic cultures. This piece, the chaise is generally meant for women or more to say rich women to spend their free time. Therefore, when talking about a culture where it is the men who are to rest while women usually deal with family and children, chaises in the UAE are not considered useful pieces. Most sellers will not know what you are talking about if you mention chaise sofas or chaise lounges for them yet of course, there is always a chance. Let us see what we can get if we take an excursion in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to see what is on offer.

Well, chaise furniture UAE is a kind of tricky furniture everywhere in the world yet especially in the English speaking areas because of its many names. Chaise is normally featured as part of two-furniture category: one is the category of sofas because of its overall shape, which is much like a sofa. The other category is often put in the category of armchairs although it is only one sided if we see its backrest. Its usual name is Chaise lounge, which comes from French literally meaning long chair. However, it is featured under the name daytime sofa and even under the name fainting sofa too. Therefore, you can think a bit, under which name you should start looking for in the UAE, no matter its Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Chaise lounge is a typical boudoir sofa and designed for one person to use it at a time. As most of us do not have a boudoir, this piece of furniture is typical to appear in the bedrooms or in the living rooms. However, it can also be a great piece in a winter garden, a place where you can spend time with some reading or even sleeping when you feel like. Unfortunately, at many places chaise lounges that several sellers also call chaise bed and chaise sofas in order to confuse us even more are sold under the sofas. There are chaise lounges also with a different shape, which means that they have two headings at either side, looking like an antique Roman piece of furniture. If this would be not enough, we can differentiate inside and outside chaises all the same. The outside chaises are often sold as parts of garden furniture made of rattan.

If you want to buy a real quality chaise, you will need to look to the offer of the following stores: Nathan Allen in the Dubai Mall features extreme couture at times, the great quality and personality of Nathan Allen furniture Co. is undisputed. The American brand has its main shop in the Dubai Mall. Crate and Barrel, Mall of the Emirates: This great quality furniture shop features some beautiful, even traditional looking wooden and hardwood furniture UAE collection with a classic variety of chaises as well. Check out the Al Quoz area for the highest number of international and local furniture stores, where you will find the exclusive Falaknaz Furniture, which sells quality sofas and chaises all the same. In Abu Dhabi, you will find the highest number of international jewellery stores in the Marina Breakwater shopping mall.