Interior Design

Dubai interior design is relatively a new topic to talk about. By far, the interior designers and architect of Dubai's trademark buildings have all come from either Europe or from the United States. It is therefore natural that Dubai has a large interest in getting its own breed that can in the future represent Dubai Interior Design for the world.

Interior design is about making spaces more attractive, more useful and a good interior design is the one, which is totally in harmony with the main task of one room or space. Interior design is a great and creative work, which is flourishing in Dubai thanks to the efforts of all international schools and academies that have created their Dubai and Abu Dhabi bases offering some great courses of Interior design or fashion design for local students. Therefore, Dubai interior design is reaching new heights here especially considering the fact that there are such a large number of flats, houses, apartments, hotels and business buildings built every year that can provide great Dubai interior design opportunities to so many companies.

Dubai interior design has two basic groups out of which one group is much larger than the other so we will be divide it into further groups as well. The two main groups are the Dubai Interior Design for residential places (houses, apartments, villas) and the other is the Dubai Interior Design for corporate places. Now, this group is extremely huge, because corporate places consist of shops, hotels, restaurants (bars, discos and cafeterias), trade centres, banks and hundreds of different types of offices. As you can see, the second group really overgrows the first one. Dubai is primarily such an emirate that offers everything for those who invest their money in Dubai; the city's life is based on money and business. And Dubai non-stops needs such Dubai Interior Design experts who either come from Europe or the US, with vast experience in interior design and who is up to date with the latest trends of especially Europe, which was always the centre of modern arts and modern furniture especially the countries such as Italy, Spain or Germany and Sweden. Soon there will be a large number of Dubai's own talents who will have a complete experience in Dubai Interior Design. With this, they may even be able to get international projects. Yet, until Dubai's development is this huge, in the upcoming 5 years Dubai Interior designers will face no problems in getting projects in Dubai.

Some of the most known Dubai interior design companies include those as Panache, APID, OX Interior Design and the company who simply calls itself Dubai Interior Design. These are only some of those who gained more fame and have a well-established website for the customers. Apart from these, there are several of such international designer companies that have their branch in Dubai or they are in good contact and often design for Dubai customers. Therefore, Interior design has a great future in Dubai. With some of the newest courses of London's best schools, Dubai will soon have its own league of well-experienced, professional interior designers.