Pan Emirates

Many people who are just moving to Dubai face the hard task of having to furnish their homes in the shortest time possible, so that they can start their lives there all the soonest. So where can you go in Dubai when you need a quality furniture and wide variety? One sure choice is the Pan Emirates Dubai, which is one of the most popular furniture brands of the city, with extreme variety and good prices. Let's see now what does Pan Emirates offer us.

Pan Emirates was established 17 years ago and since then, it has become one of the most popular furniture brands in Dubai. The furniture company deals with all sorts of home furniture especially having a great variety of huge sofas, which are must-haves in every single Arabic home, where many people have even two reception areas with the huge sofas for the guests and family members to sit in. Their sofas are sold either in modern or in traditional outlook.

Pan Emirates imports a rather large amount of furniture from their partners in Malaysia. This also makes us possible to always get to see some novelties in the store of Pan Emirates together with several fresh designs. Apart from the sofa and living room furniture we can get to see great dining room furniture at Pan Emirates, they have a large variety of bedroom furniture including children's bedroom furniture and they also offer a good quality office furniture. If you have a large balcony or a garden by any chance then look no further as Pan Emirates Dubai has some great garden furniture for you. The real novelty of Pan Emirates is, that they offer Western style, Arabic style and also classic and even antique style of furniture. This makes the store attractive to families or couples with different budget. Arabic families are especially keen on getting the classic or antique style of furniture so with the help of Pan Emirates catalogue you can also see what's popular in Dubai for furniture. This way you can get the greatest style variety here.

Also, they have colourful furniture too, so if you are bored of all the beige and brown and grey of the Italian trend look no further than Pan Emirates. The only furniture missing from the collection of Pan Emirates Dubai is the kitchen furniture and the bathroom furniture, together with the sanitary equipments. These you can look up in the stores of Home Center or at United Furniture.

Furniture stores such as Pan Emirates Dubai are becoming more and more visited with the huge growth in the number of apartments and houses in Dubai in the last few years. Thousands have moved in to Dubai and all of them need quality furniture for a good price and most importantly such place from where they don't need to go further when they want to furnish a whole flat or house. The quality of furniture at Pan Emirates Dubai is quite good and the brand is becoming more and more popular also outside of Dubai, in big UAE cities such as Sharjah and the capital city Abu Dhabi.