Furniture Shops

Although Dubai and Sharjah are those places, which are highly regarded as the centres of UAE furniture shops, yet when you are in Abu Dhabi, you will find the same furniture shops over there too.

There are all furniture trends to find in Dubai, including the new minimalist, colourful style and the rustic old style wooden furniture, which is one big favourite in Dubai. Therefore, no matter what price range you are targeting, you will be able to get everything in Dubai. There are however some well known and often used brands which feature good enduring furniture being best for those who are planning to furnish a flat only for one or two years, and do not have a large budget yet want something good and something which is simple to place and economical to buy.

Lucky: This Indian store is a big favourite for both locals and expats who move to either Dubai or to Sharjah as this store is located in Sharjah. Yet it had been founded and today is considered a sure favourite for Dubai expats and everyone who arrives to live there. Lucky is an Indian company, offers both modern and old style rustic modern furniture. Lucky is not a used or second-hand chain; they have beautiful collections made out of wood, looking elegant. Note that Lucky does not sell beds.

Pinkies: Pinkies sell Arabesque traditional furniture, which makes it a perfect place to collect a couple of Arabic style lamps and other great accessories for you. Located in Sharjah, this brand is getting more and more famous.

IKEA: This is one of the best ever furniture shops for shopping. The IKEA products have become extremely famous all over the world; making IKEA furniture shops a real great investment anywhere. You can be sure IKEA that will sell even the very same menus in every country and for many of the expats the international yet still familiar neutrality of IKEA shops is in fact accommodating and relaxing. There are discounts and great prices of some smaller products. For sure, you can never be bored in IKEA if you are into furniture shops.

Home Centre: Home Centre is a great place especially because it has many furniture shops all around the UAE. In Dubai or in Abu Dhabi, you can find them under diverse addresses, mainly in the main shopping malls. Home Centre, a Dubai based company is based in the Mall of the Emirates and they are some of the biggest furniture providers of the whole Middle East, having shops also in India and in the Northern African countries. Home Centre offers all sorts of modern and light and rustic and heavy furniture, it is totally up to you which ones to choose.

Homes R Us: With Abu Dhabi base, this is another UAE business having several furniture shops also in Dubai. The modern lines are absolutely followed by Homes R U but of course, it mainly represents the types of furniture the locals like which is wood, heavier and more rustic. Yet the variety is huge over here.

There are only some of the several furniture shops, which you can find all around Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other cities. For electronics and other staff that you will need, the best thing is to go to Auchan or Carrefour and make a big shopping there of the electronic appliances and any tools or ware you need to feel more comfortably, cheaply as in Dubai the furniture shops do not sell electronics.