Bookshelves & Furniture

Bookshelves have mixed importance in a flat as they can serve several different purposes, apart from keeping books, which would be their primary role. Bookshelves come in various materials, with the metal bookshelves having proven more useful and resistant in an office environment and with the wooden bookshelves being classic pieces in any flat or room. Let us see where you need to go to find quality bookshelves that suit your taste and other requirements in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

Bookshelves are the types of furniture in Europe and in the US that are often used to fill empty spaces in a flat or to serve their main role: to store books. There are bookshelves in every form and size. As we could get used to seeing home office or library rooms in films, magazines and in person, the classic dark hardwood bookshelves really serve as atmosphere makers in a home library for example. This is a great chance for you to create a room, which is for relaxing and for reading. In addition, in case you do not have the chance to do that, you can still make one tiny part of the room to be your miniature getaway corner. Of course, smaller bookshelves are also often used and the bookshelves are not furniture that should be connected to any type of room as you can put them anywhere, with the exception of bathroom and kitchen where the constant humidity would damage the books. Let us see what do we find if we are looking for bookshelves in the UAE, namely in Dubai or in the capital city of UAE Abu Dhabi.

The thing is that bookshelves are not considered important pieces of furniture by any Arabic country, where people just do not spend time reading. It is not because Arabic people are illiterate, but due to the difference in lifestyle, they are out either being with or inviting friends for a tea; they are working or shopping or they are with family playing with children or just watching TV. TV and computers have become the centrepieces, must-haves for every Arabic family, yet books are still counted as rarities. This is why, bookshelves are normally for expats and they are mostly sold in the non-Arabic stores both in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. In the Arabic countries, the emphasis is on two things when it comes to a living room. First of all, everyone needs a big sofa set for all family members to sit down next to each other and a big coffee table for serving the tea, snacks and to serve smaller or basic meals. The next most important furniture of the living room is the case to store the television. Other than this, Arabic people do not use shelves at all. You will not find shelves at all in the local furniture UAE stores neither in Dubai nor in Abu Dhabi.

As of today, Dubai and Abu Dhabi deals with huge international clientele so it has provided them with the international furniture stores, for everyone to get what they would like to. In the stores of Bo Concept or IKEA, you can find the best styles and types of bookshelves to buy to your flat. Some of the more expensive furniture makers such as Falaknaz furniture offer the possibility for making custom furniture so this way they deal also with bookshelves. Visit these international furniture UAE stores in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, or get a carpenter to make you bookshelves.