Armani Casa

There are not many who would not have heard of Armani as one of the biggest and most profiting fashion brands in the world. The world famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani who likes to keep everything under his control manages Armani Casa. This means that the great designer designs all furniture you will see in the collection of Armani Casa personally. And which could be a better place than Dubai to see Armani’s beautiful furniture? The best reference for Armani Casa is definitely to be seen within the Dubai Armani Hotel and Suites in the huge Burj Al Arab Tower.

Armani Casa has indeed a lot to do with the establishing of the Armani Hotel and Residences. Founded around 2000 the Armani Casa concept a business project Armani deals with in cooperation with the Dubai Emaar Properties, probably the biggest companies of Dubai. Together they have established the very first Armani Hotel, which could not be at a more picturesque place than the highest building in the world. It was for the Armani Hotel and Suites project that made Armani to think about and get started with his furniture designs. Indeed, if you look around in the hotel, all you will see is the design of Armani himself, even the dishes which they serve in the Armani restaurant are his personal favourites, so the birth of the lone standing Armani Casa company was inevitable with the second Armani Hotel soon being ready in Milan, Italy. This means, that while Armani Casa is the biggest partner of Armani, they are all in one of course. This concept is also developed in cooperation of Emaar properties and regarding the designs, they are full-fledge examples of contemporary Italian designs, with the heavy use of beige-brown and the silver-black combinations with today’s coolest minimalist flavour.

Armani Casa does not have too many stores yet, but they can already be found in 32 countries, many of the stores are located within huge Armani outlets. It is not necessary to say, that the furniture produced by Armani is dead-expensive and only those with the appropriate budget and a passion for European minimalism can afford Armani’s designs. The primary targets of Armani Casa are other luxury hotels, homes, spas and high profile offices. If you look at the photos of the flats, which can be found at the Armani Residences, you will see how the Armani Casa concept works in reality. The elegant Armani style is really gaining a growing number of followers all around the world. The designs are contemporary, yet, there are some outstanding pieces that definitely comprise the Italian lifestyle. While there are only few furniture with lively colours, of course, upon request, they can make furniture in different colours. The only store of Armani Casa in Dubai can be found right in front of the Burj Khalifa building, in the equally huge Dubai Mall.