Armchair & Furniture

Armchairs are the next best thing in the Arabic countries, such as the UAE especially when they are part of huge sofa or seating sets. Normally a sofa set comes with a huge normal or corner sofa and one of two armchairs. The armchairs are often used either in different part of a big room or in the hall to seat guests or for the family members to sit down for a tea or snack. Armchairs are the classic must-haves for a family so you can trust in being able to find many types and sorts, when they come in sets or alone standing too. You can be sure to find some great armchairs in the best leather furniture and normal furniture stores of Dubai or Abu Dhabi, no matter they are local or international.

We can differentiate several different sorts of armchair. First, we can take the alone standing classic piece, where you usually see the head of the family sitting apart from the rest of the family yet close to them. These armchairs come mostly in leather. Other sorts of armchairs can come either with a sofa set or in a different set, which consists of say four armchairs and a coffee table. We can see examples for both these variations in the UAE. Some sets come with two 3-person sofas and one armchair. When you look around for armchairs in the UAE, you will always find them in the sofa section of a department store or a Dubai or Abu Dhabi website of furniture UAE.

There are several shops for you to look around at, with the United Furniture Co. offering some of the best quality pieces of sofa sets with one or more armchairs. You can find their stores in Dubai on the Sheikh Zayed Road by the Toyota Showroom and Oasis Shopping Mall. There is also a nice store of theirs on the Zabeel Road in the Karama District and although the store does not have an outlet in Abu Dhabi, they have a great showroom in Sharjah too on Al Qasimia Street.

Other great chance to find quality armchairs is to visit the huge showroom of Falaknaz Furniture or Falaknaz Warehouse that can be found in the Al Quoz area along Sheikh Zayed road. They offer some beautiful leather armchairs also as a single piece. You can find some budget armchair and sofa sets in the stores of Home Centre, located in the Mall of the Emirates, in the Mirdiff Shopping Mall and in the Oasis Centre. You can give a try at Pan Emirates Furniture store located right next to the Mall of the Emirates Shopping Mall in Dubai. In Abu Dhabi, you can find its stores in every big shopping centre, such as the Dalma or the Marina Malls.

Look around in the stores of The One in Dubai located in front of the Jumeirah Mosque. It is a favourite place for expats to shop all sorts of furniture and if there is nothing left, then you can still visit the IKEA furniture UAE stores located in the Deira City Centre in Dubai and on the Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

You can be sure that no matter you stay in Dubai or Abu Dhabi; you can find the best suitable armchair for you. Look at the wide variety of armchairs offered also on the websites of these mentioned furniture UAE stores.