Falaknaz Habitat

Falaknaz is one of the biggest and most famous furniture companies of Dubai. The Dubai Company deals with both modern and rustic wooden furniture and they do not belong to the bargain furniture businesses for sure. Falaknaz has two main outlets, the Falaknaz Habitat and Falaknaz the Warehouse with Falaknaz Habitat being the one that deals with the modern furniture department of theirs. Let us look at what we can find at Falaknaz in Dubai and how we can get there.

Falaknaz Habitat was founded in 1976 and today, we can say that they are among the widest known furniture businesses in Dubai. They offer their modern furniture lines at two locations and they offer everything from bedroom furniture to lighting and accessories, with the sole exception of children’s furniture and kitchen furniture. This is an interesting tradition in Dubai, which you will shortly notice, that sanitary and kitchenware is often not produced by the market leading furniture companies. Yet, besides there, we can say that Falaknaz Habitat is a great complex place where you can find basically everything to furnish your living area together with bathroom sanitary sets. Falaknaz Habitat offers mainly its own collection but besides, they also work with other furniture designers namely Via Motiv and Andrew Morgan whose collections you can find at the Falaknaz Habitat showrooms. While Via Motiv deals with lighting, dining sets with tableware and also offers bathroom sets in its Via Motif Bath and Spa collections. Although they do not directly deal with kitchenware, their dining table and sets look great. Falaknaz Habitat also offers Via Motif’s sofas and living room furniture. Andrew Morgan is a respected designer who generally concentrates on bedroom furniture and at Falaknaz bedroom collections; you will get to see its classy, yet modern and most importantly Eco-Friendly collections. You can also get to buy their linen and bed cloth collections at Falaknaz Habitat, they have a large set of bed scarves and bed wraps too.

Another outstanding type of good Falaknaz Habitat offers includes their quality chinaware. They offer bowl sets, plate sets in all styles ranging from European to Chinese; they are really worth looking up. You can see the Chinese effect also on their sets of accessories, which include Chinese style statues, Chinese soap and candle boxes. Apart from these, you can check them out because you will surely find something great that will prove decorative in your living place. The Falaknaz Habitat stores can be found first at Jumeirah Plaza Shop in Jumeirah, which is considered their Nr.1 showroom. Their showroom-warehouse you can find at Al Quoz within Umm Suqeim building, not far from Jumeirah.

Besides their stores, Falaknaz Habitat has a nice website, through which you can contact them and through which it keeps customers informed on their actual discounts and other novelties and news regarding their company. If you get to live in Dubai and it comes to furnishing your flat or house, do not hesitate to check out the great variety of Falaknaz Furniture.