Oak Furniture

Oak furniture has always been special by means of quality, beauty and heritage. English oak furniture is considered among the best in the world and there is a saying in the UK that says that the force of the old British Empire has been built on the strength of their oak furniture. Let us see what makes oak furniture so special and where can we get to buy quality oak furniture in the UAE, let it be Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Oak is a hardwood, which is famous for its extreme strength and reliability being definitely part of the English heritage. Oak furniture is so dense that it does not even let the worms or the fungus attack it, as this often happens with furniture made of softer tree. Oak was the mostly used material to build the ships of the British Empire too. Oak is a wood that is in use for the making of the classic Victorian style furniture in England and thanks to Britain today, it has been used all over the world. At places, which require beautiful yet dense tree furniture, you can mostly see oak. Oak has several types to be used for the manufacturing of quality furniture. We can distinguish white and red oak furniture out of which not only antique style but also contemporary furniture is manufactured. Other than this, we can differentiate Pippy Oak with cat's paw appearance on the surface, Burr Oak is like Pippy oak but even denser and Bog oak which is the rarest sort of oak used for furniture making, and Bog Oak furniture is extremely expensive on the market. The making of great, resistant yet beautiful oak furniture is the art of carpentry. It needs great knowledge yet the oak furniture created this way will stand for centuries reflecting the natural beauty of the oak wood. This is the more rustic sort of furniture that is also called antique.

Let us now see the relation of oak furniture and British colonialism. In the British colonies, people has to know oak, the furniture of the colonial officials and the basic furniture used in the homes as well as in the offices. Oak is a type of wood, which is rare in the tropical regions, as oak trees come from a much milder or cold climate areas. In South East Asia or India, oak is not a tree used for making furniture as they rather use the teak which is a general tropical type of tree, but also mango and rosewood is used in furniture making. Oak, which is dense and quite heavy, was not a tree for most Asian, African and Middle Eastern carpenters to get hold of. Yet as of today, the UAE made it possible for locals to purchase high quality oak furniture of international brands. The British Mark Wilkinson brand is among the most famous oak furniture manufacturer having its shop in Dubai, which you can find in the Al Quoz area, the area where you should also go if you want to find great oak furniture. We can see oak wood appearing in the collections of Falaknaz, one of the biggest Dubai brands of high style furniture, in the collections of the US brand Crate and Barrel (Mall of the Emirates) or in the first class collection of Marlin furniture. One Abu Dhabi brand that is really worth mentioning is the Oak Palace LCC., which is a great oak furniture manufacturer with a beautiful showroom.

Oak furniture is beautiful and extremely resistant; also oak is the sort of furniture that can really become part of a family heritage. If you buy oak furniture in the UAE, preserve it with wax and you can be sure that, it will serve you for more than a lifetime. In Dubai, visit the Al Quoz Industrial area to see the highest number of shops that deal with oak.