Steps in An Emergency Battery Replacement Process

February 5, 2020

Have you ever suffered from a battery breakdown? If you have, then you know what a hazard it can be. If you haven’t, then lucky you! However, if such a situation does occur, it is important that you know how the whole battery replacement process takes place. And that is exactly what is being discussed here.

Safety Comes First

Turn off the car engine and park the car beside the road so that you don’t block the way for other passengers. Proceed to set the parking brake. Also read the manual before you start with the process. You should have an idea about the dos and the don’ts.

Remove the Terminals

For the people whose car is in the positive ground, you need to loosen the positive cable first. And for those having negative ground, try to open that cable first.

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Remove Fasteners and Screws

Check first where the screw is. Open that first and ensure that they don’t roll inside the car. After that you may safely proceed to take out the battery. Put on your gloves while doing this.

Clean the Tray

Use a baking soda and water mixture to clean the rust formed on the tray below the battery. You should also clean the battery’s terminals.

Place the New Battery in The Tray Properly

While you are at this all-important task of placing the battery, ensure that you place it in the correct direction because if you mess this up, then it will not work.

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Place New Fasteners

Next up, change the screws and fasteners while you change the battery as this will help in avoiding loose connections.

Reconnect the Battery Cables

This is a crucial step. You must reconnect the battery cables in the reverse direction from which you took them off. The negative ground must be connected to the positive cable and vice versa. Ensure that all are placed in a proper position over the tray.

Dispose the Older Battery

As batteries could be corrosive and toxic in nature, so you should dispose it off at a proper place. You can give them to special recycling centers that collects all these batteries. If the car is troubling you, then don’t always think that this is due to the battery only. The cause of the problem may be due to some other reason also. Before changing the battery, consult with a car battery expert first.